best day ever

Because it was 80 degrees in Austin this afternoon for the third day in a row and because I was in an especially generous mood, I treated the kids to ice cream bars from the local bodega (actually, I think I just wanted the opportunity to use the word "bodega" since I rarely do after leaving New York). Scout had her first Nestle Crunch ice cream bar and declared it "the best day ever!"

P.S. Thank you to the gentleman working behind the counter who told me I was "lucky" to have such well-behaved children who listened to me. He said I "should see" some of the kids who come in there with their parents. I would like to note, however, that maybe some of it is luck, but it's also a lot of hard work (wink).

Here you'll find three children soaking up the simple joy of $1.59 ice cream bar from the corner store:

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