the last day of summer

We could have used this rain months ago, but I suppose it's better to experience monsoon-like downpours on the last day of summer than not at all. The morning was spotty with showers, but the real fun began at exactly 1:00pm--at the exact time I was picking Scout up from preschool. We got drenched on the way to the car (I had left the umbrella and rain jackets at home thinking this rain we were promised would be off and on all day...mistake!). However, as luck would have it, both girls fell asleep in the car on the way home. This left me parked in front of our house watching the rain stream down the front of my windshield for over and hour. Thank goodness for the iPhone so I could catch up on the news (by "news" I'm referring to my Twitter feed) while the umbrella, raincoats and the book I'm reading were twenty treacherous paces away locked inside the house. Eventually there was a lull as the rain downgraded from downpour to steady stream, so I had a few minutes to fetch the rain gear before it was time to fetch Catcher. After we picked him up, and the rain picked itself back up, we retreated inside, dried ourselves and spent the rest of the afternoon watching a movie and chowing on popcorn. It was the perfect summer afternoon.

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