it's a bug

I know what you might be thinking. The sculpture above looks like a moss-colored brain with googly eyes and an orange tongue. But you would be wrong. That, my friends, is a bug. Scout has been working on it for the past few weeks at Explore Arts preschool, and she was finally able to take it home this afternoon after the school's first open house. I had heard all about the bug, and I must say that the final product superseded my wildest expectations. It's made of clay, and it is totally legit--kiln-fired, glazed and all!

Scout also brought home a glitter fish (below) and a hand print. I'm totally impressed with the work and kind of jealous that I'm not aged 3-5. The best part of today, however, was watching her group perform Where the Wild Things Are on their tiny stage in costumes ranging from ladybug to tiger (Scout) to dinosaur.

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