catcher got a car

Today at school Catcher's teacher opened up some sort of "grab drawer" for the kids, and he grabbed a matchbox car. I was just asking Alex the other day whatever happened to matchbox cars? I'm so tired of toys that talk--or worse, sing--to you in a computerized voice and light up and dance and walk down the hall. I like the silent toys like dolls and legos and not just because they don't drive parents nuts but also because they drive children to actually use their imaginations. If you could see the contraptions Catcher creates with his legos or overhear the conversations that Scout has with her dolls...it's pretty amazing what these little brains can do when the toys aren't doing everything for them.

So this afternoon I was happy to see that the matchbox days are not over (especially when this one tiny car kept Catcher occupied for over an hour). Thank you, grab drawer.

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