Fall, according to Catcher, is finally here now that soccer has started. Catcher's team--team #9 until further notice--was given the 10:00 time slot this morning, which sounds great (vs. 8:00am) in theory, but in reality I find myself with three children dressed and ready to leave the house at 8:30 singing a chorus of "is it time to go yet?" Not yet...

Today we also found ourselves in the position of having a birthday party for two of Scout's friends that was starting at 10:30. She was less than pleased about hanging out on the sideline of Catcher's game when she knew there was fun waiting to be had. But we powered through, and Catcher scored his first two goals (or five if he's telling the story). We made it to the party before the cupcakes were brought out, and that's all that really signifies "party" in a three year-old's mind, so everyone was satisfried. [Yes, I meant to type satisfried; that was for you.]

p.s. Catcher was not satisfried with the photos from this game. He would like me to take more pictures of him, "one right after the other," at next week's game. I'll see what I can do.

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