oh, pioneer(s)

After our visit to the Bob Bullock Museum yesterday we came home with two things--a giant bag of beads, some twine and a renewed interest in the teepee (I guess that would be three things). The beads and twine were supposed to be accompanied by a shark's tooth, but the museum ran out before Catcher and Scout shuffled their way through the crowd to collect their spoils. No matter because it was the settlers' display at the museum that really caught their attention. Featuring an actual teepee, Catcher and Scout came away wishing they had been pioneers on the frontier.

It was in this spirit of exploration that Catcher and I came up with the idea to set up the teepee in the living room this afternoon and string together beaded necklaces. Catcher and Scout wouldn't let me in the teepee at first, which is totally cool because this is about as far as I'm willing to go on the "camping" spectrum. Eventually they let me in, and my two minutes on the inside was enough of a pioneering adventure for me. The wild ones loved it, of course, and Tillie woke up from her nap just in time to join in on the tail end of the adventure.

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