you're never fully dressed

...without a fur!

Dressing my ghost chairs in sheepskin was not an original idea, but it was a good idea so I copied it. The first challenge was finding a decent-looking, reasonably priced sheepskin. I thought the Ikea RENS was the answer, but after driving 22 miles to the Ikea, finding out the "childcare" area was full, pushing three screaming children through the massive warehouse that is Ikea only to discover the sheepskins were sold out, I was over it. They don't sell them on their website, by the way, so that was not an option. I spent the next few days searching online until an idea popped into my head.

On a recent visit to the Sam's Club, I had noticed a giant sheepskin rug--could they perhaps sell a smaller version? A quick visit to their website answered the question: yes! Who knew the Sam's Club would turn out to be my decorating gem? For $34, which is only $4 more than the Ikea version, I found these little beauties.

The quality is much better than the RENS, if you ask me, but the next trick was figuring out how I wanted them positioned on the chairs. My first attempt (above) just made the chairs look like they were wearing giant sweaters. Too much fluff.

On the second try they were dragging the floor and looked sloppy.

I finally figured it out, and leaving the backs of the chairs exposed was important because why have ghost chairs if you coverup their ghost-ness, right? Here's the dining room now that it has finally come together (I think...).

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