trail of lights

One of my favorite holiday traditions--and by tradition, I mean that I just enacted it last year--is going to Coffee Bean for tasty seasonal lattes and then driving around town looking for the best light displays. Even though we crank up the AC in December in Texas (true story), there are still festive folks out there spreading holiday cheer. Here's a look at our drive though Austin last night. Those lighted pink blurs pictured above, by the way, are flamingos...in front of an Eiffel Tower. Love it.

Driving past this house I said, "Cool. I like that whatever-it's-supposed-to-be hanging from the trees." To which Scout responded, "Those are lights."

A mess, yes. But it was kind of kitschy-cool in real life (kind of).

From the front, you wouldn't have known this house was dressed for the holidays. But turn the corner and drive down the side street...it's all party...

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