tuesdays (and thursdays) with tillie

On Tuesday and Thursday mornings when the "big kids" are in school until 1:00pm, Tillie and I get to spend our quality time together. Most weeks this means we're going to the Target or picking up the dry cleaning or doing the laundry. But today was Tillie's 10-month birthday, so we celebrated with a leisurely walk around Lady Bird lake. After a snooze in the baby bjorn, Tillie woke up and was all smiles and giggles:

When we got home it was almost time for lunch, so we sat on the sofa for a few minutes going through the mail and thinking about what we would like to have:

Tillie decided on cheese ravioli, and with a full belly it was time to get back in the car to fetch the siblings. Just in time for post-lunch cat nap:

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