are we cozy yet?

Ignore (if you can) my ugly, un-pedicured feet and feast your eyes on my latest great find--the Moroccan pouffe. I've wanted one since Elle Decor convinced me of the fact a couple years ago, but I never found the right combination of style and value. I went to my favorite source, ebay, to buy one directly from Morocco, but they shipped unstuffed and I wasn't sure what I would get exactly. [p.s. I once had a bad experience in Morocco, so I'm still a little wary of the country as a whole.] Then last week, this little sucker popped up on Gilt. I happened to have a 20% off coupon, and no one loves a sale on top of a sale more than me, so I knew it was a sign. I bought two (funded, ironically, by my personal ebay sales).

With el Christmas tree in the corner of our living room the pouffe situation is a bit crowded at the moment, but I can't wait to station one of them in the reading corner post-holidays. I imagine the other one will bounce around the room as needed, which means the kids will treat it as a fancy beanbag...which it is, I guess. 

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