donut city

Yesterday I started reading the book Skippy Dies. In the opening chapter Skippy dies--go figure--at a donut shop. Later in the afternoon I read an article in our neighbor association newsletter about a local donut shop down the street. I went to bed with donuts on the brain, and I woke up this morning thinking of nothing else. [Skippy doesn't die while actually eating a donut, by the way.]

With Alex home for the first Saturday in years (it seems) I came up with an idea the whole clan would be down with--Austin donut tour! We started with the local shop, Ken's.

After one glazed donut with strawberry icing and sprinkles plus half of a (regular) glazed donut and one bite of cake donut, Scout was upset when we wouldn't let her have Mike 'n Ikes from the vending machine at the front door. We finally convinced her to get in the car with promises of more donuts. Then we were off to our next stop: Gordough's.

From an airstream trailer in South Austin, who could resist a big, fat donut?

Catcher and Scout could hardly contain their excitement once Miss Shortcake had been ordered. Cream cheese icing with fresh cut strawberries was the answer to all their donut dreams.

That look: Tillie knew she was about to miss out on some serious deliciousness. Take a look:

After dividing the giant donut in half (Alex and I had one bite each) the kids went to town on something best described as a fried piece of fried topped with icing and strawberries. As I drank my second donut-shop coffee and watched the kids' faces turn from delight to disgust--I seriously thought Catcher was about to throw-up as he shoveled the last piece in his mouth--I officially called it quits on the donut tour. During the car ride home Catcher told us he liked the donut from Gordough's at first, and then he didn't. Scout asked for a snack. Tillie slept.

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