working at the car wash

Before you look any further at the pictures in this post, let me assure you that I did not purchase a thong bathing suit for my three year-old child. The reason I feel it's necessary to make this disclaimer is because a mother at a birthday swim party asked me where I got Tillie's bathing suit because her (also three year-old) daughter was dying for a thong. At that point I realized she thought I had purposefully purchased a thong for my child, and I let it slide in the conversation because I didn't know who would be more embarrassed if I tried to straighten out the misunderstanding. But here's the truth--it just so happens that Tillie's little buns hang out of this particular bathing suit (and miraculously it doesn't seem to bother her).

This isn't really a post about Tillie's bathing suit, rather it's about another 100+ degree afternoon in Austin when we decided to put the children to work washing the car. Humblebrag here, parents, but it was an amazing idea. We had a dirty car and hot kids, so we put them in their bathing suits and sent them out to splash around in some suds with a hose. They loved it, of course! At one point Scout led the others in a chorus of "Hard Knock Life," but I don't think washing your mother's Yukon really qualifies you as having a "Hard Knock Life."

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