the last weekend

We had a somewhat eventful "last weekend before school starts" weekend. We rode bikes. We attended a birthday party at the bowling alley. We scratched our heads wondering who crunched into the back of our car while we were innocently riding bikes at the park (no eyewitnesses came forward; no note left at the scene). Oh, and the toilet also overflowed as we were heading out the door to church this morning. Did I mention Alex's travel schedule is back in full swing? So yeah, the children and I kept it real.

For the past two weeks I've been wishing for the end of summer to arrive. Perhaps I should have asterisked my wishes, stipulating a "calm, uneventful" end of summer. Then again, when is life with three kids ever calm and uneventful?

Tomorrow is my birthday. Ever since this year's school calendar was released last spring, I've been looking forward to my birthday--the first day of the 2015-16 school year. Now I have an appointment to leave my car at the service station and a call out to the plumber to fix the toilet. Maybe they serve cocktails at the service station.

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