exploshun time

If one of your children is quietly occupied in his/her own room for more than two hours after school one afternoon, you don't really want to bother said child for fear of disturbing the peace and quiet of the house. Of course, the usual parental paranoiac questions run through your head--What's going on in there? Is he building a bomb? Is she digging a hole through the floor so she can escape while we're all sleeping one night?--but you really like a quiet house, so you overlook all the possible bad scenarios.

When Catcher emerged from his room just before dinner, he proved that my paranoia was unfounded (at least this time) when he asked me if I would like to take a look the comic he had been creating--"Exploshun [sic] Time." Boys like action--generally involving guns, swords and the archaic TNT--so even though the comic hinged on violence, I was pretty confident there was no actual TNT in Catcher's room that I should be worried about. Also, this is a kid who's always telling me he "doesn't like art," so I'm pretty much going to encourage any kind of sketching that comes from his imagination.

It should be noted that even following a tutorial from the author, I understand virtually nothing about this comic. Like why is there a host? And why did Catcher give away the ending of the story in the title? And what exactly happened "3 seconds later?"

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