summer wind down

This is it! We've reached the last week of summer vacation. Perhaps you can tell by the faces in this photo--except Scout's, maybe--we are all ready for a new adventure. Yesterday we celebrated the last day of summer break with Dad (he' s the one in the "Dad Bod" shirt in case there's any confusion) because he journeyed off to Minnesota this morning and won't return until the first day of school.

We honored the occasion in true Wheat fashion with a picnic I had planned at a nearby park. There were ducks and geese and people fishing in a manmade pond (I guess you can do that). We sent the kids on an adventure to find out what people were fishing for, but they were more interested in hunting down the guy biking around with an ice cream cart trailing behind him. Catcher thought perhaps there would be free ice cream but no such luck. Scout asked a lady by the pond what she was fishing for and got the response "Anything that's biting." It wasn't the specific response I was after, but she got ten points for effort. Tillie ate more baguette than I have ever seen a human consume in my life; she promptly worked herself into a hot, sweaty food coma and insisted on being carried to the car. In the meantime, I polished off a bottle of Trader Joe's sparkling wine while silently chanting "four more days" in my head.

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