celebrate the middle child

I heard today is national middle child day. Yesterday was national s'mores day and some time a few weeks ago was national cheesecake day. That leads me to believe national middle child day isn't really anything to brag about, but there it is.

Today our middle child reminded me of an episode of Friends--the one where Joey goes into Chandler's closet and puts on all of Chandler's clothes (anyone remember?). He was getting Chandler back for something, but I can't recall what the riff was about. Anyway, Scout is counting down the days to kindergarten (12 days as she informed us this morning), so obviously it was time for her to go into her closet and put on everything to begin planning her first day of school outfit. I told her the sweater with the dress with the skinny jeans with the skirt might be a bit toasty for a sweltering August day, but what do I know?

After the fashion show, Tillie entertained us with her rendition of "Let it Go." Then it was time for an awkward sibling photo, and that's a wrap on today. Twelve more days to go...look who's counting now.

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