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Three days into kindergarten last week Scout comes home telling us she has a boyfriend. I met his mom and she seems nice, so I won't sound the alarm quite yet. Also, Catcher and one of his second grade buddies are keeping an eye on this guy.

Tonight at dinner Scout was regaling us with stories about her boyfriend. How he's funny and makes her laugh and distracts her while they're sitting on the rug when she's trying to listen to the teacher. During this monologue she got wrapped up in her rapid-fire thoughts, as Scout tends to do, and began reflecting on a former boyfriend of hers. He (the "ex") was from the preschool era and once said something mean to her. "...so I was like, I'm so done with this dude." That's a direct quote, folks. I hope she maintains the same presence of mind in all her future romantic endeavors.

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