night swimming

Last night we had big plans. Through my future place of employment--did I tell you I have a part time job starting in September?*--we came across free tickets to the Austin Aces World Team Tennis match last night. The kids were excited because we promised them concessions at the event, and the parents were excited to have something to do on another hot Texas evening.

Plans changed, however, when we learned that the match had been pushed back from 7:00pm to 8:30 due to travel complications for California Dreams--that's the real name of the team the Austin Aces were hosting. If you have young children, then you know that nothing good happens after 8:30pm, so we were out. Breaking the news to the little ones after we had finished our early dinner (so much for planning ahead) brought tears to the masses. We had to act quick, so plan B turned into a little night swimming (by "night," we're talking post-dinner, pre-sunset) at the neighborhood wading pool. The evening was saved once we rolled in and had the place all to ourselves. I call that a win for the parents.

*I will be teaching high school History and English Literature at the Austin Tennis Academy. When I tell people I got a job at ATA, as "we" refer to it, the first thing people ask me is if I play tennis. I do not play tennis, but I can teach a small classroom of high school freshmen and sophomores who do play tennis a thing or two about humanities (I hope!).

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