It's what you get when you cross a sno-cone with a beach. This afternoon was the hottest it has been in Austin this year--at a mere 97 degrees--so we finally agreed to take the children to Sno-Beach. One of Austin's original food trailers (according to the company's web site) situated in a parking lot along busy Guadalupe Street in our neighborhood, it was the perfect sugar-syrupy high these guys needed this afternoon. And if you stood in front of the mural painted on the side of the trailer and shut out the noise pollution from Guadalupe--and pretended the hot city breeze was really coming off the ocean and shooed away the bees going after your sweetness--then maybe you felt like you really were on a beach. Maybe.

Scout got into the spirit. Tillie, however, had a sweet little honey bee land on her lip and that was pretty much the end of her fun. She narrowly missed getting stung, but she let the entire parking lot know how she was feeling while screaming bloody murder at the top of her lungs. At that point we decided Sno-Beach wasn't parent-friendly. We loaded the sticky, sweaty little ones back into the hot July car and had them finish their icy treasures, which were more or less liquid at this point, on the way home.

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