whacky water

Taking on this slow summer living thing has meant I haven't brought my camera along on our daily outings like I used to--I'm trying to fly by the seat of my pants. For example, last night when we celebrated both Catcher's and Scout's birthdays with friends at the local pool and then dinner at our new favorite hotspot the Cafe Mueller by H-E-B (I'm kind of being sarcastic about the hotspot part but not really because they have a great happy hour), there was no camera slung around my neck. The camera was also absent on Friday night when we enjoyed an outdoor (FREE!) concert with the littles at the Bob Bullock History Museum. The last time I was agro-photoing, in fact, was Catcher's birthday last Thursday. On the way home from the secret beach we stopped off at a local splash pad to wash the sand and dirty Colorado River water off of ourselves. So here we are (or there we were) at the Pease Park splash pad:

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