99 in the shade

We almost hit 100 today in Austin. Almost. At 5:00 it was 99 degrees and the kids had just finished their pre-dinner dessert of ice cream sandwiches. We had no plans for this balmy Friday afternoon, so why not cool off in the wading pool at our neighborhood park? (Disclaimer: "cooling off" in this regard means sitting in a pool of water the temperature of your average toddler bath).

Things were great until we got home and sat down to a late dinner where Scout punched Catcher and threw a beach ball at us when she was sent to time out for doing so. She screamed hysterically for the next ten minutes while the rest of us tried eating our dinner in a civilized fashion, doing our best to ignore her shouts and protestations. I later learned that today is national tequila day, so perhaps there was a better plan out there for this balmy Friday afternoon.

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