home of the brave

I had this great idea. We needed sparklers and an American flag. I went to six stores yesterday morning with the three children searching for sparklers and an American flag. Nothing. Actually, I'm wrong. We did find something when we stopped into a local bread shop and the nice young man--I think I'm old enough to call a guy in his early 20's a "nice young man"--behind the counter gave my children a giant Rice Krispie treat in the form of an American flag. However, that wasn't the American flag I was looking for for the photo shoot I was masterminding in my mind.

To make a long (and boring) story short (too late?), it only took Alex one trip to Dollar Deals to come home with not one but two American flags and a pack of sparklers. So this is what we got when the Wheat family tackled a July 4th photo shoot:

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