view from the top

Almost as exciting as Catcher losing his first tooth this week was the girls getting a bunk bed. And almost as exciting as getting the bunk bed was the three children and me assembling the bunk bed. Not to brag, but Catcher and I did most of the work while the girls jumped around on the mattresses laid out on the floor. It took us a little more than three hours from start to finish, but that time could have been cut in half if I hadn't started the project by screwing one of the guardrails to the wrong side three times in a row (thank you, Catcher, for keeping count).

The bed felt a bit "woggoly" (Tillie's word) at first, but I counted all the pieces before we put it together--a first for me--and there wasn't anything left over, so I figured we were good. I was first to climb to the top. I told the girls it was because I wanted to make sure it wasn't too woggoly, but the truth is that I'm the younger sister, so I was always on the bottom in childhood bunk bed scenarios. I wanted a view from the top. It was pretty sweet; I totally get why Tillie wants to sneak up there. However, this is technically Tillie's first "big girl bed" (excuse the lame expression) now that she's free from the toddler bed, so she ended up having a ball on the bottom bunk when she was exiled from the top.

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