a bug's life

We've been waiting for a rainy afternoon in Austin for Tillie to work on her bug costume that arrived this month as part of the Koala Crate subscription her cousins gave her for her birthday. Although there have been several threats of rain recently, in true Austin fashion, the rain has not come to fruition (at least not during the waking hours).

By Saturday mid-morning--after Scout's drizzly soccer game--I announced it was officially rainy enough to bring out the box and make a bug. Tillie was thrilled. She was so excited about the project that she even let her siblings help "decorate" the cape. Once it was time to put it on and run around the house pretending to be a bug, however, Tillie forgot all about the whole sibling cooperation thing. She insisted she was the only bug in the house (except the one that Catcher reminded us we "caught" earlier that morning). She was a pretty cute bug; I wouldn't squash her.

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