These girls are crazy. It cracks me up when Scout tucks a pile of books that weighs almost as much as she does under her arm to take along on the short car ride to school. Her little shadow follows suit, of course, so at any given time our car is a mobile library with 40 or 50 books riding shotgun. I'm not totally exaggerating on this one either. It started with each girl bringing four or five of your average hard cover picture books on every trip, and the situation escalated from there.

I thought I was outsmarting them one day when I said they could only bring the number of books they could carry themselves--I was tired of being the one lugging the books around ("Can you hold these on the way to the car? while I get in my seat? back into the house?"). But it turns out the teacher became the student because they outsmarted me. The ingenious girls turned the tables once they figured out they could easily carry more paperback early reader books than silly old picture books. So now on every car ride we're accompanied by Frog and Toad, Amelia Bedilia, an array of Disney princesses, a mouse or two and a big chicken, Buzz and Woody, a dog named Peanut, dancing ballerinas, dancing dinosaurs and countless other characters I can't even remember. It's a zoo in there.

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