days with tillie

She looks pretty cute here, but don't let those big blue eyes and sweet laugh fool you--this one is a handful. I've been known to confess to Alex "none of our other children were like this," while Tillie is in the midst of an epic mega-fit, because I don't think either of the other two experienced the terrible twos (or threes!) like this girl. I get it...I do. She's the youngest and has to have her voice heard. Around here that may be easier said than done (we have a bunch of talkers).

On the flip side, she is as adorable and sweet and good-natured as these photos suggest. She was my best toddler shopping companion, and it was under the influence of her contagious laugh that I decided not to enroll her in preschool this year. Yet her time has come. It looks like I might take on a part-time job next year, so she'll be hitting the books M-F. It's been a good run, and I'll miss our quiet, sophisticated lunches. When I get all nostalgic about our days together, however, I'll remind myself of the time(s) she looked at me and squealed at the top of her lungs because...well...just because.

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