sporty saturday

After missing another lacrosse game because of rain on Friday night, the Scotties were back in action for their second game of the season on Saturday afternoon. They snuck it in right before another round of thunderstorms with monstrous hail hit Austin. Catcher, Mr. Scrappy, played his heart out while his sisters ran wild in the adjacent open field. It was a mothering win-win because all three children properly tired themselves out and fell soundly asleep after a post-game celebration dinner from P. Terry's (player's choice).

I know it will take me years to understand the nuances of lacrosse, but in the meantime I have Catcher--the rules-guy-analyst-kid--to explain the different positions and strategies. I still don't get why you're allowed to run behind the goal, but I have picked up a little lingo that's fun to say (or yell): "Check stick!"  It's probably the football equivalent of "make him eat dirt," but it sounds nicer.

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