another day, another egg hunt

Since we like to take holidays to the extreme when given the opportunity, we couldn't pass up an invitation to Alex's stepmother's mother's (you got that?) retirement community for another egg hunt this morning. There was all the usual pomp and circumstance you would expect from an Easter extravaganza--giant bunny, ponies, face (or arm if you wish) painting, balloon animals (or baskets), candy, cotton candy, cookies, cupcakes and bunch of kids running around wild amongst the old folks. Alex was nervous that toddlers would careen with walkers and cause mass destruction, but the wildest thing that happened to us was having Tillie step in pony poop.

I'm going to overlook the fact that all my children had for lunch today was cupcakes and cotton candy. I'm also going to blame the sugar load for their terrible attitudes this afternoon and hope that tonight they will all sleep the grumpies away. Then I will quietly remind myself that we haven't even made it to Easter yet. I hope the Easter bunny brings healthy treats this year. Except Peeps. I wouldn't mind having some Peeps myself.

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