easter shenanigans

Before snapping this picture of Catcher--the girls were not cooperating...neither was he, I guess--on our way to the Capitol before church for the great Easter butterfly release we did this:

woke up early and raced around the house searching for the 30 eggs the Easter Bunny strategically hid in the living and dining rooms (side note: there is still one egg missing because the Easter Bunny doesn't remember every place the Easter Bunny hid an egg at 11:00pm last night). It was a chilly and drizzly morning, and it honestly felt more like Christmas than Easter inside our dark house when Catcher came sneaking upstairs to wake me at 6:30. It's amazing the fervor a little egg hunt can create...

After our living room egg hunt and after breakfast (after candy appetizers) and after releasing butterflies on the Capitol lawn, I never managed to get that adorable Easter photo of the compliant children dressed in their Sunday best. I suppose we'll have to remember Easter 2015 as the year Tillie put on bunny ears and licked Peep sugar from the floor (it happened).

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