sweaty kids on a stoop

On Sunday (I'm pretty sure that was two days ago) we visited my college roommate and her family in Chicago. There was a fest near Lincoln Square, and we indulged in face painting (Scout) a balloon sword (Catcher, but Scout commandeered it) and cherry sno-cones (the triumvirate). After wearing ourselves out in the heat of the day, we retreated to our friends' house where I was going to get a great picture before we jumped to our next activity (Frozen renditions and a pizza party). However, instead of looking like three adorably coordinated children perched on the porch of a Chicago row house, they looked like three sweaty kids on a stoop. #life

p.s. Despite the look she's giving below, Scout loved her face painting. She picked it out herself from the $10 page after I told her she could have something in the $5 category. I couldn't argue, though...the $5 selections were pretty lame. Why have a ladybug painted on your cheek when you could go for a half-face of flowers?

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