super soakers

Yesterday it was Wisconsin warm (not to be confused with Texas hot) so the crazies were finally able to put on their swimwear and go wild. They were begging to bring out the water slide, but we finally settled on water guns when they realized how much fun it was to sneak-attack their dad. After Catcher surprised him from behind ("surprised" means doused), Alex got his revenge with his sidekick Scout. Then Scout "bossypants" had to instruct Tillie on the proper way to load and carry her gun. Hallelujah, summer fun!

P.S. Please don't ask about the girls' choice of swim gear. Although I wouldn't have chosen them myself, I feel the leotard and tankini will at the very least make a great nostalgic photo that will give the girls a laugh in 20 years. Let the record show that I had nothing to do with the choosing of the outfits, so they can't blame me for dressing them this way (wink). 

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