strawberry fields forever

The car ride home following our afternoon outing to Barthel Fruit Farm was somewhat reminiscent of that scene in Forrest Gump (you know the one where Bubba rattles off all the things you can do with shrimp: shrimp kabobs, shrimp gumbo, coconut shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp salad, etc.) as the littles told us all the things they would make with the fresh strawberries they had just collected. We were going to have strawberry shortcake, strawberry pancakes, strawberry milkshakes, strawberry pie and strawberry preserves. But Tillie had gorged herself on strawberries during the picking process, and then Scout and Catcher couldn't stop eating them when we returned to Grandma's house with our bushel. (It wasn't really a bushel, but it felt like a bushel...maybe it was more of a peck.) Either way, we went with the rinse-the-strawberries-and-eat-them-out-of-the-box route instead of making all that fancy stuff. Still delicious!

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