around the campfire

We had a warm day in Wisconsin and then a cool day (today is a cold day, if anyone is keeping track). The nice thing about the cool days, however, are the cool evenings that follow. Last night we pretended we were on a great excursion to the northern limits of Wisconsin--"up north," they say here--as we lit a backyard campfire and sat around it creating Mad Libs as a family. (And yes, I call that good old-fashioned family fun.)

Catcher, the director, first questioned our placement of the fire pit. He thought we should have the fire in the middle of the driveway, but that idea was quickly overruled. Sitting in a tight circle of adirondack chairs in the backyard, the kids learned exactly how hot a fire can be (you know, since we never have those in Texas). They quickly scattered to the outer limits of the yard as the heat intensified before returning to request marshmallows for toasting. Marshmallows...the only thing missing from our little bonfire. Catcher, once again directing the adults, told us we really need marshmallows next time we have a fire.

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