sisters in sonoma

So there it is: the end of the end of my summer vacation in Sonoma, CA. On Friday my sister and I biked fifteen miles on the hottest day of the year for Sonoma (102 degrees). We sweated, but we also tasted some wine so it was worth all the huffing--does this bike have a gear lower than zero?--up the hills to the wineries. Tired of wine (blame it on the heat) we had margaritas and fajitas for dinner (they have good Mexican food in California, too). The next day there were bottles of wine purchased and afternoon martinis (when we were feeling "wine-d out") topped off by an amazing dinner at Harvest Moon Cafe. There's more, but I don't remember it all (blame that on the wine). We're kind of dorky, so on Sunday we visited historical sites in Sonoma and nearby Petaluma with self-guided walking tours that my sister had so studiously printed out and packed with her in a trusty manilla folder.

There's not much you can do wrong when vacationing in wine country; however, watch out for a company called Sonoma on the Spot. I feel it is my duty as a wine lover to unmask the man named John and his VIP wine tasting scam. I won't bore you with the details; I'm simply sending out a warning so you won't fall for it like I did. I'm not the only one, though. After being scammed myself I checked reviews on Yelp, and several of the reviews mirrored our experience (maybe I should have checked reviews before signing on). We still had an amazing time though...even sweaty John and his winking friend Robert couldn't keep us down.

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