this little piggy

I've been obsessed with Harry Allen's bank in the form of a pig for quite sometime. I recently did a little spring cleaning off my rolling rack, which means I sold a bunch of clothes on eBay that I don't wear, so I used my profits to purchase this bright, shiny object. The little guy can hold up to $10,000 in dollar bills, so I told the kids to feel free to drop in some cash any time they feel I'm deserving of a bonus. It turns out that making smoothies every afternoon last week was bonus-worthy because Catcher recognized my blending skills with $1 in the bank. To be clear, it wasn't a dollar from his own allowance--he sought out the money man (Alex) to fund it. Either way I was psyched to be recognized for my smoothie skills, and I only have $9,999 to go until the pig is full.

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