busy the ladybug

It's a busy week for the Wheat children and their end-of-year school productions. Today it was Scout's turn to shine as her preschool performed its last "big show" of the year. Playing the role of Busy the Ladybug, Scout had her first speaking part on stage. She killed it. Her line "I'm Busy the Ladybug and this is my sister Hootney" was delivered flawlessly. The children wrote the play themselves this time, so it was a bit difficult to follow if your brain doesn't operate the same as 3-5 year-olds, but it had something to do with dragons getting lost and asking different creatures for directions. The ladybugs had the maps (duh).

Before the show we toured the studio to see the class project for the month (painted coffee filters hung in a fancy shape) and their individual work, including a frog hat [pictured, below] and a clay lily-pad [not pictured].

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