faerie town

This morning the crew and I visited the Woodland Faerie Trail at Zilker Botanical Garden. I realize the words faerie trail sound a bit strange like I've stumbled upon some underground etsy world of craft-making, but I'm always one for an adventure. The girls were all in as soon as I mentioned the word "faerie" and insisted on wearing their dress-up tutus, turned faerie costumes for the occasion, and butterfly wings. Although it was my grand idea, I was a bit skeptic at first and wondered if Catcher would roll his eyes through the entire outing. But the trail turned out to be pretty cool. Cool in the sense that the kids found it fascinating and let their imaginations soar while discussing faerie customs (not cool like I want to start a new hobby making faerie habitats). Below is only a sampling of what we saw. This faerie stuff is serious business.

After the grand faerie tour we (or more like Catcher) decided we should check on a couple of our other favorite spots in the garden. We also crossed paths with a cute little lizard that we photographed for Alex because the kids thought he would enjoy it [smiley face].

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