a bed for tillie

Meet Tillie's new toddler bed (and meet the newly painted trunk and the dressed up IKEA Malm dresser). It's a funny story how we came across the bed for Tillie. Remember how Alex was home this weekend and we had a six year-old birthday party at the neighborhood park? On our way to the party, I happened to spot a perfectly pristine toddler bed sitting on the curb in front of a cute house with the sign "Free Kid's Bed" taped to the footboard. I told Alex to stop the car immediately and open the lift gate--we were taking it home. The kids were all bummed that we had to drive five blocks home to drop off the bed and then drive all the way back to the park--a total trip of five minutes--but I was determined. Ever since my days in New York, it's very difficult to pass up good furniture sitting by the side of the road (or even bad furniture, for that matter, if you have a "good eye" as I've been known to brag).

Scout, in the meantime, is still sleeping on a mattress on the floor, but at least I have a jumping point for a new project. Looking back at pictures of how the room once looked (see here and here) I'm a little embarrassed. The room is tricky to work around with the stairs/door that lead up to our bedroom and the tiny closet tucked away in the corner, but I think it's getting better. I hope it's getting better...or else I need to focus my creative energy elsewhere. Stay tuned: one of these days Scout will have a bed again.

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