my morning coffee

This morning I was able to enjoy something that I often do in my dreams but never in real life--take my coffee on the front porch *with no kids around. Alex, who arrived back in Austin last night at 10:00pm, was taking Catcher to school this morning when Scout piped up with "I want to go," shortly followed by Tillie's "me too!" Generally if/when both of us are home we divide and conquer--one goes to school, one stays home on girl duty--but today both the girls were dressed and eager to dash out the door. They must have thought Alex had lollipops in his pocket (or maybe he did) because I've never seen such a rush of enthusiasm in taking Catcher to school.

Thus, after the gang left and I got dressed all by myself, I took in the peace and quiet of this pleasant morning on our front porch. I listened to the birds; I sent a few texts; I drank my coffee slowly. When Alex and the girls made it home, there was enough time for a group shot of the ladies (where's my head?) and a quick gardening lesson from Dad before it was time to buckle up the car seats and take Scout to preschool.

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