watching you, watching me

This morning, just as the girls and I were walking into the house after taking Catcher to school, I got a text from my friend reading "You're on HGTV right now!!!!!" If you're a follower of this blog, you may remember that once upon a time--it feels like eons ago--I roped my family into shooting an episode of HGTV's My First Sale (if you need a refresher, you can check out the story here and here...and here).

This whole ordeal started way back in North Carolina when Scout was only three months old (I was pregnant with Tillie by the time we wrapped shooting, but that's another story). Scout is now three years old--you can do the math on that one. I never thought I would see the episode air on HGTV since they switched the dates on us so many times (sorry to my FB peeps for all the false social media alerts) although we received a DVD copy, and I heard rumors from others that it did make air. Well...now I've seen it for myself during HGTV's regular scheduled programming. Being taken by surprise this morning, I actually didn't mind listening to my annoying voice on TV, and watching the girls watch us was a trip--here are snippets of conversation from the surprise showing:

Tillie (to the TV, when Alex was talking onscreen): No. No. I don't like that daddy.

Scout (to herself, talking about us): That family is cool.

Scout (to me): Why is Alex painting the walls white?

Scout (to Tillie, while rubbing her back): It's okay, Tillie. You're not in this family. You're in mommy's belly.

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