Being pregnant the first seven months that I lived in Austin left me with a lot of catching up to do on the margarita front. The first I tasted was documented here, and this past weekend turned out to be an excellent opportunity to continue my quest for the perfect margarita. My parents were in town for the long Easter weekend, and while others were attending services and filling baskets with imitation grass and jellybeans, I took advantage of sunny skies and my role as tour guide to throw back a few. Following are the tasty libations I sampled:

El Pepino, Contigo Austin: tequila, cucumber water, mint, lime

If I thought a margarita was refreshing before, I had no idea what a refreshing margarita could be. Part margarita, part mojito, part revitalizing drink offered at your typical spa, this is quite possibly the perfect summer drink. The only problem with it--if you could call it that--is that El Pepino might be a little too easy going down leaving you with el serious hangover in the morning.

Jalapeno Rita, RED'S Porch: Toro de Lidia Anejo, Paula's Texas Orange, 
Jalapeno agave nectar, fresh lime and Cassis

Like my brother says, you have to mix the sweet with the heat, and this little drink does that perfectly. Spice from the jalapeno cuts the sweetness of the Cassis and offers a nice little kick. I would honestly drink this when it's 110 degrees outside because sometimes the only way to deal with the heat is with more heat.

SoCo Rita, Guero's Taco Bar: Cazadores Reponsada, Cointreau and fresh squeezed lime juice

This concoction may be #1 in Mexico, but Guero's missed the mark. Feeling a little nostalgic for the days that Alex used to shake up this very recipe at our apartment in New York City, I ended up with an over-salted, slightly watery, mediocre drink. At least it was my first of the weekend, so things could only go up from there.

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