it only gets worse

Today I had a great idea. Unfortunately the "caretakers," if you will, of about 50 other kids in Austin had the same idea. We've been mixing up our routine the past couple of months and story time at Book People has been pushed to the back burner, but today I decided it was time for us to revisit. I picked the wrong day. It was the wrong day because today the Tiny Tails to You mobile petting zoo was hosting story time, and the place was a zoo (pun intended).

After Catcher patiently sat through story time and I chased Scout around with Tillie bjorned to my chest, I decided to treat the kids (and myself, really) to lunch at Whole Foods. That was a better idea than my first; however, it wasn't without adversity. Catcher was told by a group of older kids that he couldn't play with them on the playscape [frowny face]:

After Scout and I cheered him up and convinced him it was time to leave anyway, I ran into a mom whose three children were each approximately a year older than each of mine. She took one look at me with Tillie strapped to my chest while holding the hands of Catcher and Scout and said, "That was me a year ago. It only gets worse." Thanks for the vote of confidence, random mom. Up until this point I've been told that it will be hard at first with three kids so close in age, but it will be worth it in the long run. I know everyone has their own opinions, but sometimes you should keep yours to yourself. By the way, I think her older son was one of the boys who told Catcher he couldn't play with him.

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