kids in a candy store

In its May issue Austin Monthly magazine features 112 fun things to do in the summer. Reading over the list this past weekend I realized we've already done quite a few, and I wondered if there's someone out there who will do all 112 things this summer. Or am I the only dork who reads lists like that and thinks, "Hey. We should try this. It looks fun." Even if we don't accomplish all 112 things on the list this summer--some activities aren't kid friendly--it might be fun to see how many we can do. Or maybe that's me being a dork again...

#43: Candy is Dandy

I'll admit that our trip to Big Top Candy Shop was as much for me as the kids (in fact, I scanned the list until I saw the word "candy"). We're no strangers to the shop, but I always find something new--like mango chili salt water taffy--when I go there. Maybe instead of doing 112 different things we'll just go here 112 times. Does that count as 112 fun things to do?

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