the elephant in the room

Given to myself as a birthday present back in 2010 (I found it here when we lived in Charlotte, NC) this little elephant has been on my list of things to do for...well, since I got it. It lived in the back of our Explorer for about a year while we were trying to sell our house, and I finally gave it a spot in our living room when we moved to Austin. Last week I was dying for a project and decided the elephant's time had come.

After a quick trip to the Home Depot for sandpaper and a quart of white glossy paint, I was ready to go.  During the sanding process I learned that this guy was from Mexico--who knew?

One coat down...only three (or was it four?) more to go.

The final product: I dig the white. After the first couple of coats I thought the gloss had been a mistake because it highlighted the imperfections. It might have been the paint fumes playing with my mind, but after four coats the look grew on me.

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