daddy's girl

When I was pregnant with Catcher I was sure I was having a boy, and I wasn't completely surprised when the nurse turned to Alex and said, "What is it Dad?" His fist raised to the air answered that question.

When I was pregnant with Scout I was positive I was having another boy. The ultrasound brought the surprise of a lifetime. I freaked out: my mind jumped to the teenage years and cropped tops and sneaking out of the house and future wedding expenses. Girls are trouble.

Twenty one months (and two girls!) later I still believe they are trouble, but they also make you laugh and surprise you. Scout tackles you from behind but gives unsolicited giant bear hugs. She plays with trucks but insists on picking out her outfits every morning. Perhaps her greatest accomplishment, though, is turning Alex into one of those dads who is so cute with his daughters. This is the guy who lives and breathes sports and slept with a football when I met him, but he's also the one brushing Scout's hair after the bath and dancing with her to Adele's Rumor Has It in the kitchen. I know the next 18-20 years are going to be tough, but it's worth it.

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