winter wedding

I have a good reason for slacking on the blog this time. I'm not going to blame it on Apple software upgrades or wonky UVerse connections. This one is legit: I've been busy.

It turns out that picking up that part time gig of teaching high school History and English takes up a good portion of my evenings if I want to be prepared for class (and who doesn't want to be prepared for class?). I thought once we took a winter hiatus from the sports scene things would slow down, but then I found myself agreeing to photograph a wedding. The wedding was the first weekend in December, and approximately five days after our trip to Disney World. "Why not," I said.

I should mention that, although my children make excellent subjects, they do not pay the photographer well (or at all, if you aren't counting in tears and rolling of the eyes). The wedding, in contrast, was my first opportunity to get paid for this--it was a small affair on a warm December evening in Austin. I gave the couple an amazing deal as far as wedding photography is concerned; in turn, they gave me an opportunity to see if I could hack it as an actual photographer. I'm not ready to invest in a paparazzi cargo vest just yet, but I did enjoy acting like I was super important for the evening.

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