a frozen christmas

It just so happens that the children and I were invited to a Christmas party at the retirement community--I call it the "Old Folks Home," but Alex thinks that's insensitive...I guess he's right--where Alex's stepmother's mother lives (you got that?). And it also just so happens that the theme of the aforementioned Christmas Party was Frozen. Being young girls of five and three respectively, Scout and Tillie decided it was necessary to wear their Frozen dresses to the Frozen party. When we arrived and just so happened to end up in the elevator with the real Anna and Elsa (or at least the Anna and Elsa hired for the party), I realized the girls were on to something. When in doubt, dress like the entertainment.

I tried having a Frozen moment of our own before we left for the party, but you can guess how that worked out (cooperative middle child excluded):

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