arcade of lights

They call it the "Trail of Lights," but when you're inside it feels more like an arcade of lights. It's an Austin Christmas Tradition of which our family has never partaken until last night. We were invited to tag along with friends who had a "premiere" parking space, access to the sponsors' "hospitality tent" (which means free hot chocolate and cookies) and early entrance into the showcase. We also walked in through a private entrance, so we didn't have to stand in line with the masses. The only thing missing was Alex. He's in Nebraska, but he's also watching the new Star Wars movie on opening day, so don't feel too sorry for him for missing this little light show.

The trail itself was almost like a teeny-tiny Disney World. Or am I over thinking that? I guess instead of a minuscule Disney World, it's more like a scaled-down carnival. There was a Ferris wheel and carousel, but those weren't free--even for those of us with a blue wristband--so we passed on waiting in line for 30 minutes (I pulled the "guys, we just got back from Disney World" card when the children threatened exploding into tantrums). But there's one thing Disney World does not have that the Trail of Lights does: a serape-clad cowboy riding atop a Rudolph-the-red-nosed-reindeer-inspired jackalope. That's right; we're in Texas.

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