giggles and smiles

Here's what you forget when you go to Disney World: that time you waited in line for 125 minutes to ride Soarin'; when your seven year-old threw the temper tantrum of his life because all you wanted was a decent picture of the three children in front of the Tree of Life (see last picture, below); when you screamed so loud you gave yourself a splitting headache because you did not know that Rock 'N Roll Roller Coaster started out like that; the moment it was clear a three, five and seven year-old do not make good teammates on a scavenger hunt through Germany (Disney Germany, not the real Germany).

Here is what you remember when you go to Disney World: laughing hysterically with your children because Tower of Terror is really scary; talking to monkeys and other wild animals on a safari adventure (where a baby giraffe, of all things, held up traffic for a few minutes); seeing the joy in Tillie's eyes when she discovers she's exactly 40 inches; having your son lead you around the park because he can actually read a map; waking every morning to a new adventure; going to sleep each night exhausted yet exhilarated.


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