awkward family photo awards

And the winner of this year's Disney World awkward family photos are:

Winner: Best use of a giant Christmas tree to get your three year-old to hide from the camera.

Winner: Best use of a fake Eiffel Tower  to get your three year-old to show you how she really feels.

Winner: Best use of fake Eiffel Tower to showcase each child's personality. 

Winner: Best use of giant golf ball (or whatever it is) to remind us the three year-old is running the show.

Winner: When siblings hug, someone's eyes are going to close.

Winner: Stand here and act as serious as possible if your name is Tillie or Alex.

Winner: Never be afraid to let your true feelings show (if you're a three year-old or a goofy second grader).

Winner: Act like you've been here...a really, really long time.

Winner: This is the last family photo I will ever attempt on this bridge (at least until next year).

Winner: Princesses make three year-olds smile.

Winner: Princesses really make three year-olds smile!!

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